5 types of tenants to attract to your home (+ their specificities)

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5 types of tenants to attract to your home (+ their specificities)

5 types of tenants to attract to your home (+ their specificities)

Like most seasonal rental companies, your furnished rental probably attracts one to three types of tenants . And this by default (so not because you have actively sought to attract them to your home).

Here, there is a particularly interesting way of doing things that we can learn from hotels …

This is segmentation .

Segmenting your tenants allows you to communicate effectively to the types of travelers who most often come to stay with you.

You set up a communication strategy that is tailor-made for certain types of tenants. Learn more about izdavanje stanova novi sad.

And by doing so, your communication has more impact . Because you hit the bullseye.

In the following lines, we will review the 5 types of tenants you could attract today.

This will allow you to see more clearly and adapt your communication accordingly.

Let’s go :

• Families :

The holidays are a special time that most families look forward to every year .

After a stressful year, finally a time when we can get together and spend some quiet time together!

These tenants want to relax, have fun and have good family memories.

It is not uncommon for families with small children to seek to take advantage of cheaper rates specific to the low season (they can afford it, since their children are not yet in school), which may lead to more off-season bookings .

• The groups :

Whether it’s horny groupies or any other type of group of friends, you’ll want to make sure there’s something for different personality types .

Some will want to party, others will want to visit as much as possible.

• Dynamic retirees:

After working for many years, some retirees are looking to maintain the active life they have always lived .

And what better way to enjoy your retirement than to travel and discover places you haven’t had the opportunity to explore yet?

These renters will need more explanation regarding the appliances as well as the surrounding area.

• Travelers traveling for an event:

Whether it’s for a concert, a festival, a wedding, a football match… These tenants are full of excitement.

Chances are they have been looking forward to this particular event for months.

• Business travellers:

Business travelers can be quite demanding, but this is the kind of tenants we have to make sure to attract to us : they generally book from Monday to Friday (or even the whole week), and they tend to come back and spend more.

Business travelers are a type of renter that many in the furnished rental and hospitality industry would like to attract.

These travelers generally have more financial resources and therefore tend to spend more .

Many times, companies have a certain budget for business travel, and their employees take advantage of it.

These tenants are also very respectful of the place.

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