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6 easy snacks for kids | Recipes for Kids

6 easy snacks for kids | Recipes for Kids

Do you have a meeting at home or a birthday party and want to surprise your “little guests” with something special? We propose  6 easy appetizers for children  that will surely win you over, due to their simplicity and originality. These  appetizers  can also be a different way of offering children a snack before dinner.

We  will see recipes for children  of different types, generally healthy, but above all simple. Would you like to see these  easy appetizers for children ?

Easy snacks for kids, raw vegetables

A healthy and nutritious snack! We can simply prepare some raw vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, carrots and celery (very fresh and washed) and accompany them with  dips and pâtés .

Easy snacks for kids, penguin cookies

Using any small cracker as a base, we can prepare these cute penguin appetizers. We spread the cookie with plenty of cream cheese and then decorate with black olives and carrots,  Very easy!

Easy appetizers for kids, French omelette rolls and ham

These French omelette and ham roll-ups must be really good and they are as simple as preparing a  French omelette  (with a little salt because the ham is already quite salty) and rolling it up with a slice of Serrano ham. If you want you can also add a slice of cheese.

Easy appetizers for children, wheat tortilla rolls, ham and pesto

To make these rolls we must take a wheat tortilla and heat it a little in the pan so that it does not break when folded. Once it is warm, spread it with a mixture of cream cheese and pesto sauce  , put a slice of ham on top and screw it up. Cut into slices and prick them with a toothpick so they do not open. Check out more interesting articles on our Blog Fam.

Easy snacks for kids, cucumber rolls

To make these rolls we need to cut the cucumber into very thin slices. Then we can fill them with cream cheese and aromatic herbs, with  salad  or with a pâté, for example  salmon .

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