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Easy homemade fruit and yogurt ice cream! | Recipes for Kids

Easy homemade fruit and yogurt ice cream! | Recipes for Kids

Kids love ice cream, and who doesn’t? To be able to give ourselves a treat more often, without exaggerating with calories, nothing better than homemade  fruit-based ice cream. We had already taught you how to prepare delicious  homemade fruit ice cream , today we will see how to prepare  homemade fruit and yogurt ice cream , just as easy and even creamier!

With healthy ingredients like fruit and yogurt, these  homemade ice creams  have just a little syrup added to improve consistency and texture. They can also be made with the fruit you want… A recipe to keep in the summer cookbook!

Homemade fruit and yogurt ice cream

Ingredients for about 6 popsicles

  • 250 gr of fruit pulp (in my case I used peach)
  • 300 g plain Greek yogurt
  • syrup made with 50 gr of sugar and 100 ml of water

How to prepare homemade fruit and yogurt ice cream

First of all we prepare the syrup. Boil the water with the sugar until it dissolves and reserve. We wash and clean the chosen fruit well and blend it with the food processor or blender, until we have a very fine pulp.

We mix the pulp with the yogurt and the syrup and fill the molds for popsicles. If we do not have molds we can also use disposable cups.

We place the toothpick and take it to the freezer for a minimum of 3 hours, although the best is from one day to the next.

So that the toothpick does not move while the popsicle freezes, we give you three tricks that will come in handy:

  • The first option is to place a transparent film on top of the popsicle mold, tight (as if we were going to cover it) and then stick the toothpick into the popsicle. We tighten the film again if necessary and thus take it to the freezer. The film will prevent the toothpick from moving. With these types of individual molds, this trick works great!
  • Another quick trick is to cover the molds with masking tape and then make a cut in the center with a knife to put the toothpick, as we see in the step-by-step images. Check out more interesting articles on our Blog Fam.
  • But there are also molds for poles that are joined and in this case it is more difficult to tighten the film so that it fits us well. For this type of mold, the solution is to put the mold in the freezer without the toothpicks and as soon as it starts to harden, remove it, prick the toothpicks and freeze again. It is more cumbersome because we cannot get lost since if they freeze too much we will no longer be able to click, but with a little patience we make sure that our popsicles are perfect.

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