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Meaning Of The Name Blue, Origin, Personality & Numerology

Meaning Of The Name Blue, Origin, Personality & Numerology

Are you expecting a girl and looking for possible names? Do you already have several candidates but it is difficult for you to find the most appropriate one? If you want to get away from the classics and you like little-used names, at this article we suggest the Blue girl’s name.

Discover the meaning of the name Azul , its origin, personality, saints, numerology, popularity and many more details in this article. Blue is a girl’s name .

What does blue mean

The girl’s name Azul means “the color of the sky”, “tranquility” and “infinity” . All these concepts are really related to the color blue and natural elements that are of this color, such as the sky and water.

Origin of the name Blue

Blue is a female name of Persian origin that refers directly to the color of the sky, which in Persian is pronounced “Âbi”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Azul

The most used diminutive of Azul, coincides with that of the name Azucena: Azu .

There are no variations of this name, but translations of the word that means blue color to other languages , but that are sometimes also used as a girl’s name:

  • blue (english)
  • Blu (Italian and Albanian)
  • Asul (Filipino)
  • Âbi (Persian)

Blue Name Personality

Azul is a person who stands out for his intelligence, cunning, frankness and kindness . She is very loved by her friends and she fights to get what she wants. They are considered to be very calm, smiling, nice and friendly , as well as cheerful souls who love to have fun, talk and express what they feel, which is why they are also seen as great speakers who love to be in public.

Azul ‘s personality leads her to live in a free , daring, fun way, but also with great efforts to achieve her goals, assume responsibility and be very thoughtful.

Celebrities with the name Blue

  • Azul Carrizo Varela: Argentine Reality Show star.
  • Blue Ivy (Blue Ivy): She is the eldest daughter of the famous singers and musical producers Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Day of the Saint in Blue

The day of the Saint of Blue is the 1st of November .

Numerology of the name Blue

According to numerology, the closest and most considered lucky number for those called Blue is the number 6 .

Popularity of the first name Blue

According to the INE (National Institute of Statistics), the name of Azul in Spain is not very popular, at least not yet. According to the latest data collected, there are 141 women in Spain called Azul with an average age of 11.2 years . This name is most popular in Ciudad Real, the Balearic and Canary Islands.

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