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Meaning Of The Name Luna, Origin, Personality & Popularity

Meaning Of The Name Luna, Origin, Personality & Popularity

Luana is a name with a clear and sonorous pronunciation, perfect for a happy and healthy girl , don’t you think? Although it is rare, there are several cultures that have used it throughout history, so it has very different meanings, depending on its country of origin and history. Discover in parababés the meaning of the name Luana , the translations into other languages, her personality or diminutives among others, you will fall in love even more! Luana is a girl’s name.

What does Luna mean?

Luana’s name has different meanings, depending on its origin, thus, in Hawaiian, it means “happy and satisfied” , while in Teuton it would be “warrior full of grace” . Therefore, depending on its etymological root or cultural reference, the name of Luana has very different meanings and all of them are valid.

Origin of the name Luna

As we have told you, Luana’s name has various origins, although it is considered that she was born in Polynesia, derived from the male name “Lua Nuuu” a dark-skinned hero . There are references in various books. However, the name of Luana is also related to the Teutones, a Germanic tribe that lived near the Danube before the C century BC and that fought against the Romans. Check out more interesting articles on our Blog Fam.

Diminutives and variations of the name Luana

Variations or diminutives of Luana are Lu, Lua, and Ann .

The name Luana in other languages

In English, Luana’s name can be translated as Luann, Luanna and Luanne .

Personality of the name Luana

Luana is a name that usually accompanies brave, fighter and big-hearted women . We are talking about people with a very pleasant and friendly personality, who also stand out for their kindness, generosity and desire to change the world. They are also very dreamy and romantic women in love.

Likewise, those named Luana stand out for pursuing their dreams in the personal and work spheres, constantly working to achieve their goals. They are not vain or selfish people, on the contrary, those called Luana are empathic women who share their triumphs with those around them , thanks to their natural honesty and self-confidence that accompanies them.

Celebrities with the name Luana

Some celebrities with the name of Luana are:

  • Luana Anders – American film and television actress from New York.
  • Luana Piovani : Actress and former model from São Paulo, Brazil, participated in “A Mulher Invisível”, an Emmy Award-winning television comedy.
  • Luana Patten – American actress from Long Beach, California, popular in the 19th century.
  • Emma Luana Ninette Sophie of Orange-Nassau, Jonkvrouwe van Amsberg : Countess, daughter of Prince Juan Friso of Orange-Nassau and Princess Mabel Martina of Orange-Nassau.

Holy Day of Luana

Luana does not have name days or saints, so we can celebrate it on November 1 , All Saints’ Day.

Numerology of the name Luna

According to numerology, Luana’s lucky number is 4 .

Popularity of the first name Luna

According to the National Institute of Statistics, 892 women named Luana reside in Spain , with an average age of 17.6 years, mainly in the following provinces:

  1. Ourense
  2. Coruna
  3. Santa Cruz of Tenerife
  4. Balearic Islands

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