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Trendy jewelry ideas for men | Chains, seals and rings

Trendy jewelry ideas for men | Chains, seals and rings

Chains, stamps and rings, men’s jewelry has become a key element in the wardrobe of any modern and stylish man. Do you want to know the accessories that are on everyone’s lips? Keep reading.

Thanks to pop stars like Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes, more and more men are hitting the streets with different pieces of jewelry around their necks and on their fingers. But none of this is new, for decades men have been wearing chains and rings as accessories (literally, even since the Egyptians), but it has not been until a few years ago that men have started to wear different types of jewelry with pride. Know more about gaming lamp.

And although in no way is it about making Mister T feel proud of our outfit, as men we can wear jewelry of all kinds with style. Do you want to know what kind of men’s jewelry we are talking about? Below we have compiled five men’s jewelry essentials that you might consider adorning your neck and fingers.

Men’s jewelry classics that are back in trend

Whether it’s gold, silver or steel, men’s jewelry is more versatile than you might think. In shiny or even matte finishes, you only have to open Instagram or any fashion magazine to see how to combine all kinds of men’s jewelry pieces with t-shirts, shirts, sweaters and even suit jackets. You might be interested in gaming desk lamp.

But, where can I search and compare different types of men’s jewelry until I find the one I like best? You could start walking around all the jewelry stores in your neighborhood or in your city, but you are a modern man! So the best thing you can do is look for your jewellery online, not only will it cost you a better price, it will also save you time and the convenience of having it delivered directly to your home.

necklaces and chains

If you don’t know how to wear a necklace with style and you are looking for inspiration, you just have to look at how Shawn Mendes wears them with style, he knows how to wear one, two and three necklaces with style. And it is that regardless of the material, every man should have a metal chain, do you want advice to choose the right one? If you don’t want to risk it, look for a chain that peeks out over the collar of a t-shirt or the top button of an open-collared shirt. If, on the other hand, you are more daring, try combining several necklaces of various lengths but respecting the same material between them. Learn more about gaming desk accessories.

If you want to stand out and make the necklace the center of your outfit, you need a good chain. And it is not necessary to look like a Latin King, a Trap star or pay homage to the rappers of the nineties. Well worn thick chains can make the difference between dressing well and catching all eyes. From an informal date to a party in style, the chains according to their color (gold or silver) and shape (rounded, braided, with links or flat) can be combined with a t-shirt, a sweater or even under a jacket like any other. a Hollywood star. Do you want to make your neck look? Gold and silver chains are a safe bet and they fit many looks.

big rings

Among all the jewelry for men, rings are one of the most daring accessories, apart from the most common, that we can wear every day. And it is that far from the typical wedding band, the engagement ring or the thick steel ring, we can find much more daring alternatives. If you are a man who likes to be in the latest fashion and set trends, choose a gold ring. Stars like Jonny Deep have set the trend in the world of men’s jewelry by wearing not one, but several thick rings with all kinds of shapes (skulls, shields or animal motifs) between their fingers. So, if you want to stand out for your style, start with one and end up forming great combinations of different rings until you feel comfortable (and stylish).

modern rings

If you don’t know how to wear different types of rings with style, just look at Harry Styles. This benchmark of men’s fashion combines in his hands rings of all kinds with great elegance and style. You don’t have to wear a ring on each finger, but wearing a pair on each hand can add a distinctive touch to your style. As with chains, try not to mix rings of different materials, thicknesses and styles. Of course, you can combine silver with steel without a problem, try to make the thickness of the rings similar (wear only one thickness at most, or all large directly). On the other hand, if gold suits you more, you can play with the colors of the set stones, usually rubies, sapphires, emeralds and zircons being the most common.

the classic stamp

Who would have thought that for this year we would search through the family jewelery box inherited from our grandparents and parents. Yes, as you read it, this season you can wear a ring with the emblem of your surnames and be the coolest among your friends. And it is that, among all types of rings, seals have become fashionable. Elegant and serious, this type of jewelry for men has been used since time immemorial as the signature and identity of a person, his entire family and his status or position. Signet rings can be worn on almost any finger, alone or together, in such a way that they will give you a touch of differentiation, belonging and status. If you have liked this type of rings, but you do not have any inherited, do not worry, you can find signet rings online a good price in our sustainable jewelry.

And with this we finish our review of the pieces of jewelry for men that are hitting the most right now. And it is that, if you want to dazzle, it is no longer enough to wear Air Jordans or a good watch, the time has come for men to wear jewelry with pride. If you were already in fashion before we did this article, leave us your advice in the comment box, we are looking forward to reading you. Until next time!

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