Wooden Beetle – a life dream you can buy

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Wooden Beetle – a life dream you can buy

Wooden Beetle – a life dream you can buy

Every man has a dream, but not everyone is lucky enough to make it come true. However, when that happens, the question arises as to how much that realization can have. We will tell you a story about a man who turned his life’s dream into action, but failed to enjoy it. This is the story of Momir Bojić, the man who made the unique Volkswagen Beetle.

Just as Đepeto made one piece of wood special and made Pinocchio, so Momir Bojić, a pensioner from Čelnica, decided to make one Beetle special. And indeed, he found the perfect way to do it – he covered it with wood. However, this is not a fairy tale, but a true story about a carpenter who did what no one has done before.

He got the idea because he wanted to have a car with which he could go to the market every day, and since that car would not be like everyone else’s, he decided to decorate it a bit, and for that he chose oak as the highest quality wood .

In order to realize the project, he worked hard for a year, and he found support from his wife Nada, with whom he worked during the day, and at night he designed decorations, made plans and blueprints so that everything would be perfect. He was guided by the idea that every piece must be in its place, otherwise, he said, he would hit himself on the fingers with a hammer.

After a year of hard work, Buba in the new suit saw the light of day. It is lined with at least 21,000 pieces of wood, and each of them passed through the fingers of its creator and sculptor, Momir. The only parts of the Beetle that are not covered with wood are the headlights, turn signals, seats, mirrors, radio cassette player and windshield. Special details such as a wooden steering wheel, gearbox, control panel and wooden antenna leave the impression that you are driving in a car from a fairy tale. Interesting topic to know more about auto oglasi.

The only place where Momir wanted to see his Beetle was a museum, and he would donate the proceeds from the eventual sale to homeless and poor children. And just such a buyer came forward, who was planning to open a museum of unique cars in Dubai. He prepared a special place for this unique car and was ready to pay an incredible million dollars for it. However, as the potential buyer passed away, there was nothing from the sale. In the meantime, the wooden beetle visited many gatherings and wherever it appeared, it attracted attention and caused enthusiasm. When it was exhibited at the car fair in Germany, in Essen, the car could not be approached 20 meters from curious visitors.

Unfortunately, as one day Momir left forever, he did not manage to see his wooden Beetle in a museum. However, his work will forever be remembered. As there is no one to take care of her, she is now being sold on the Halo ad site . Maybe its future owner will manage to finish what Momir wanted, or he will still decide to drive his pet proudly and continue to show at exhibitions. If you want to know more details about this car, you can see it HERE.

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