Lexus RZ, will be the new 100% electric SUV

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Lexus RZ, will be the new 100% electric SUV

Lexus RZ, will be the new 100% electric SUV

The Japanese manufacturer has announced the start-up throughout 2023 of its new 100% electric SUV with a range of close to 450 km.

There was no doubt that the Toyota and Subaru grouping, with the creation of the common E-TNGA platform , was going to launch a large medium SUV on the market after the launch of its recently presented Toyota bZ4X and Subaru Solterra. Know more about BMW seri 7 ne shitje.

Now Lexus , Toyota’s luxury brand, joins the process by making a new brother of the previous models, and which will be called “ RZ ”, as a compendium of the letters “ R ” referring to the sportier aspect of the brand and “ Z ” that mentions its “ Zero emissions ” status as it is 100% electric.

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According to information from the brand, the RZ could be for sale at the end of 2022 or at the beginning of 2023 . With its corresponding expansion to all world markets, as revealed by Toyota at a recent event. In this, the brand showed all its new models planned until 2030, within its strategy of electrification of 100% of its range.

Breakthrough design and technology 

Its overall design has many similarities with the models previously communicated by Lexus, but with a very distinct personality of its own , and with details such as its ” no grille” in trapezoidal format that give it an imposing presence.

At a simple glance, it seems that the new RZ takes its main lines from the current RX, although it is clearly observed that the third side window becomes false , which undoubtedly moves away from the possibility that the model has 7 seats. .

Even so, its design includes in all its sections the new canons that the RX inaugurated, with the line that encompasses the rear optics, its angular ribs both on the bumpers and on the sides and the front grille that is completely smooth , to improve the overall aerodynamics of the model.

At a structural level it is really identical to its Japanese references, although so far there is no specific information about its interior, it is intuited that it will be able to mount a yoke-type steering wheel (such as the bZ4X) or a more traditional steering wheel (such as the the case of Solterra).

It has been leaked that its address will be electronic , incorporating a new system that will operate the wheels without a mechanical link with the steering wheel, which will allow the gear ratio to be changed depending on the driver’s needs , since it will not be the same to turn to park than for normal cornering.

The work of the great craftsmen “Takumi” of Lexus can be seen in the highest quality finishes of the RZ, in addition, as the brand has commented, it will have new multimedia systems (in part already debuted with great acceptance in the NX) .

High engines up to 400 CV

The first information about the Lexus RZ tells us about 204 hp base engines and another 218 hp with all -wheel drive , being common with its Toyota and Subaru brothers.

These mechanics will use the same 71.4 kW/h capacity battery that their range brothers already mount, with expected autonomies that can reach up to 450 km within the WLTP control cycle.

There is also talk of a new version called RZ 450e , which suggests a power of 400 hp , greatly exceeding the expectations of the bZ4X and Solterra.

It is also known that Toyota engineers have developed a new Direct4 drivetrain for this 450e, which uses two electric motors , one on each axle, each with 201 hp , associating this configuration with the classic high-level finish of the F Sport brand .

Little is known about the price, the only data that has been provided is that, starting, it will be around €55,000 in Europe.

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