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Meaning Of The Name Yanira, Origin, Personality & Popularity

Meaning Of The Name Yanira, Origin, Personality & Popularity

Have you ever heard the name Yanira? This is an original woman’s name that is more popular in areas such as the Canary Islands. Its meaning is “daughter of the sea”, which makes it an ideal option for those who love the sea and its freedom. The women called Yanira are dynamic, passionate and free like the sea . In addition, it is a young name with an average age of 13.9 years.

Learn all about the meaning of Yanira in this paraBaby article: its origin, personality, saints, numerology, variations… You will be surprised by the beauty that this name hides! Yanira is a girl’s name.

What does Yana mean?

The meaning of the name Yanira is ” daughter of the sea “, due to its indisputable mythological origin.

Other theories also relate the meaning of Yanira to “fidelity”, “one who is faithful” and “full of God’s grace”.

Origin of the name Yana

The name Yanira is of Greek origin and represents one of the characters of its mythology.

In Greek mythology, Yanira was one of the Nereids, daughters of the god of the sea. The Nereids were nymphs of the sea, admired by the Greeks and represented the beauty and kindness of the sea.

In addition to its Greek origin, other origins in its history are attributed to Yanira, such as Hebrew , which would give rise to its meaning “full of God’s grace” and its Guanche origin in Tenerife, which gives it the meaning “beautiful”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Yanira

The diminutives of the name Yanira are:

  • Yani
  • Nira
  • Yan

In addition, Yanira presents the following variations :

  • Ianira
  • plain
  • yadira
  • Deyanira

The name Yanira in other languages

This is Yanira in other languages:

  • Portuguese : Janira
  • Arabic : Yadhira
  • Hebrew : יניארה
  • Japanese : ヤニラ
  • Korean : 야니라

Personality of the name Yanira

Women named Yanira are dedicated and dynamic . They like to feel freedom in everything they do and to always be focused on projects where they can show off their most creative side and express their emotions.

Generally, Yanira is an introverted and reserved person , but she has a liberating side that makes her stand out in artistic activities, such as dance or writing. Professionally, Yanira is dedicated and will always give her best, from simplicity and emotional dedication. In love, she is a romantic and affectionate person, but also with a seductive side. She is free and passionate like the sea.

Yanira stands out for being attentive and concerned about others without anyone asking her to. She always reaches out her hand to those who need support, although they also do so because of her desire to create reciprocal bonds in which to also feel needed and loved when circumstances turn against her.

Celebrities with the name Yanira

Being an uncommon name, there are fewer celebrities bearing this name. Among them, they stand out:

  • Yanira Ruiz : professional dancer who has presented Zona Disney and danced in programs such as Tu Cara Me Suena , as well as accompanying musical artists such as Shakira or David Bisbal on stage. (appears in the image)
  • Yanira Domingo : participant and commentator on the television program Mujeres, Hombres y Viceversa .
  • Yanira Giselle González : Youtube star from Puerto Rico specializing in makeup.
  • Yanira García : Canarian writer who is a reference in contemporary romantic narrative in Spain.

Day of the Saint of Yanira

The saints of Yanira are generally celebrated on May 30 .

Some people also celebrate it on August 15, for the day of the Virgin.

Numerology Of The Name Yanira

According to numerology, Yanira’s number is 5 .

This means that people named Yanira symbolize freedom and adventure.

Popularity of the first name Yana

The name Yanira can be considered popular in some areas of Spain such as the Canary Islands. According to the National Institute of Statistics, there are only 7,210 women in Spain with this name and the average age is very young, standing at 13.9 years. Check out more interesting articles on our Blog Fam.

Here is a review of the provinces where Yanira is a more popular name:

  • Santa Cruz of Tenerife
  • the palms
  • Lugo
  • Malaga
  • Cadiz
  • Huelva
  • Almeria

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