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7 easy and original birthday cakes | Recipes for Kids

7 easy and original birthday cakes | Recipes for Kids

Is your little one’s birthday coming up? If you want to surprise him/her with a  spectacular homemade birthday cake  , but you are not an expert pastry chef, these  7 easy and original birthday cakes  that we bring you today will surely delight you!

Some time ago we had already shown you  7 easy and fun ideas for the birthday cake , today we return to the fray with 7 new simple and successful proposals. Would you like to see them?

Easy birthday cakes with chocolate bars

A birthday cake  that is beautiful and very simple, perfect for choco addicts! Prepare a round sponge cake and fill it to your liking, also covering the cake with the same filling so that the decorations stick. Then you cover the entire edge with Kit Kat-type chocolate bars (they should be 1 or 2 cm higher than the cake) and fasten them with a bow. You cover the upper part with Lacasitos and that’s it!

Easy birthday cakes, puppy

Making this puppy is very simple, you will only need a heart-shaped biscuit mold. You have to make two, one will be the face and the other, cut in half, will serve for the ears. To fill you can use your favorite filling, to decorate you can choose a normal pastry cream and a chocolate one, or also buttercream dyed with food dyes (the recipes in the link that I left you before about the cake fillings). You can use the pastry bag with a curly nozzle to obtain the texture that you see in the photo, or distribute the coverage with a spatula.

Easy birthday cakes, piñata

You don’t have to be an expert decorator to make a beautiful cake. This is very simple, a cake covered with whipped cream or buttercream, with a rainbow of Smarties on the sides and a simple pennant that you can make with two skewers, string and washi tape.

Easy rainbow birthday cakes

I love this cake! All its beauty is inside, since each layer of cake is a different color and forms the rainbow. In addition to the patience you have to have to bake 6 different biscuits, otherwise it is simple.

Easy birthday cakes, chess

We must make two biscuits, one white and one chocolate, for this we can use the  bicolor biscuit  recipe and double the quantities. Once we have it ready and cold, we cut it in two, and using smaller molds or anything circular as a template, we cut them by dividing them into three concentric circles. Now we reassemble a circle inside the other, but combining the colors, spreading all the edges with the filling cream so that they stick. Then we mount one disk on top of another, cover with the chosen coverage, and that’s it. Check out more interesting articles on our Blog Fam.

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